Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alas, most of the SuperBowl ads were funny

In a previous post I gave credit to the Coca-Cola Avatar spot as the SuperBowl's best because of its quality and its impact on the cola's brand.  

Most of the SuperBowl ads, though, were designed to be funny.  And funny can work too (see my other blog post on that).  Here's my vote for the funniest:

This campaign is almost as good as the PC/Mac ads, proving that repetition and consistency can be just as important as content.  If you have the best (traditional media) ad but only run it once, you're wasting your time (unless it's an online viral campaign - another discussion for another day).  If you have an OK ad but run it regularly, you're off to the races.  Even if it's a bad ad, enough frequency will make it effective (see Energizer bunny).

So, funny works, but only if you run it enough that people see it... and remember it.

Have your say: what are the best campaigns in terms of creating a character and running with it (e.g. eTrade baby, Mac/PC)?

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