Monday, February 18, 2008

Funny works. McDonald's offers latest example.

One of the marketing truths is that funny works. The key to marketing tactics is to be memorable and like any really good joke, the funny ones are usually the most memorable.

McDonald's is the latest company to hit the funny bone, with it's mini sticks TV spot.

It works because it is side-splittingly funny, but also because they have obviously made it funny for their target market - the hockey fan (count me in). In arenas around the country this ad is being replayed again and again over a post-game wobbly pop. Marketers (especially marketers of products aimed at the hockey playing audience) dream for this kind of response.

As I sat in the dressing room last night after my weekly old-timers tilt, the most important point of all was raised by my left-winger... that we all remember the company that ran the spot and the product they were promoting. That's marketing utopia.

Have your say: What are the funniest ads?

My other votes:
- Terry Tate (Reebok)
- eTrade baby (eTrade, from '08 Superbowl)

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