Thursday, February 19, 2009

C'mon DQ, don't be THAT cheap!

Here's a picture of an ice cream sandwich I bought from DQ recently. Perhaps this is just an anomaly, or perhaps they decided to cut corners a bit by decreasing the amount of ice cream in the sandwich. Either way, it illustrates the potential damage of cutting corners in your product manufacturing.

In this case, I am expecting an abundance of ice cream. Why else would I pay so much for a sandwich full of calories?! This allotment of ice cream is inadequate. If your product does not match your customer's expectation of it, you fail! The damage to your brand far exceeds any cost savings you've squeezed out.

In DQ's case, they may have been able to add $0.02 to the bottom line by cutting ice cream costs, but they lost a customer and all the profits I might have contributed to the bottom line, which would have far exceeded $0.02. Who knows, as a result of this blog post, they may have even lost more customers!

Don't cut corners. It damages your brand irreparably and costs you more in the end.

Have your say: Other examples of products or companies cutting corners?

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