Friday, May 23, 2008

Targeting the Web Savvy

Here's another contribution from the "recommended by friends" category. A friend of mine passed on this example of highly targeted marketing (thanks LK!).

In this case, the marketers for The Love Guru starring Mike Myers are quite clearly stirring up interest among the internet savvy. They even go so far as to call them... I mean us... by that very term.

This is an effective collection of YouTube spots to get us interested and to get us forwarding them to our fellow internet buddies.

How does it affect you and your company?
  1. Can you use YouTube to promote your product or service in some form? Think about it - you'll come up with a way. Then think about how to really create an experience for the viewer/browser (like The Love Guru marketers did).
  2. If you are using YouTube, are you just using it to show some video that's relevant and hopefully interesting? Or are you creating a production so compelling that people will sign up to receive the next YouTube "release" (again, as The Love Guru marketers did)? Furthermore, are your viewers compelled to forward it to their friends, achieving that viral effect that is so hard to achieve yet so effective?
  3. Is it funny? Remember, funny works!


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