Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Power of Packaging

For my birthday recently I received a golf practice kit, which included a net and a piece of artificial turf complete with a rubber tee. Well, the mat made of artificial turf came rolled up in a box which meant that when I took it out to start using it, it wouldn’t lie completely flat. It was harder to get the ball to stay on the tee, and I wasn’t getting the best practice because the ball was a couple of inches higher than it would have been on the course.

And believe me, I need the practice!

This mat is no more than 12” by 18”. How hard would it be to create a thin box in which this mat could lie flat? A box like that would also give them all kinds of space for messaging and logo placement. It may have even given them more prominence on the shelf. Or perhaps they could use a clear plastic package, which would help promote the product even more. Neither of these options would be considerably more expensive, so why not make the effort?

Instead, I’m a dissatisfied customer.

Think about how your product packaging affects the customer's impression of the product, both before and after it is purchased.

Have your say: what are some good examples of product packaging?

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