Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's Play Word Association

The creative use of word association can increase your recall and awareness.

If you can be clever enough to associate your brand with memorable words or phrases, it can help customers and prospects remember you (and isn't that the key?).

Case in point:

This is's online leaderboard for last week's PGA tournament. This site projects, based on real-time scoring, who is projected to make the cut. John Deere products "cut" lawns. So they inserted an ad right on the "cut line". See the copy in the ad? "It's all about making the cut." Ahh, clever!

Cheesy? Maybe. More effective than a simple banner ad? Definitely.

The key here is to be clever. But the other key is to be an active marketer. It's not enough to simply manage your existing campaigns. You need to be thinking of new and creative ways to get your brand in the minds of the consumer. I would venture to guess that someone ad John Deere (or their ad agency) was checking the golf scores one day and thought to him/herself: "Hey..."

Have your say: Other examples of clever word associations?

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