Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zellers sets a new standard for terrible

This is www.zellers.com...

So let's reflect on this for a minute...
  • Approximately 95% of the space "above the fold" on the home page has nothing on it
  • Approximately 75% of that space is just BLANK
  • I can't find any sort of catalogue (just the recent flyer) or list of products they sell
  • I can't buy anything online
  • The home page seems to want to promote their specials, but they don't update it often enough (that Sung promo's been there for a WHILE)
Sure, maybe they want to drive shoppers to the physical store, but COME ON. You mean to tell me that you really don't want any business from the MILLIONS of people that shop online?

The reason I saw this in the first place is I am in the market for a new flat screen TV. Zellers has an electronics department. And TVs are a big ticket, big margin item!

No catalogue.

No ability to shop online.

I took my hundreds of dollars somewhere else.

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