Monday, March 16, 2009

Ford in a price war against itself!

OK, this is a new low for advertising.

I see way too many examples of internal inefficiencies getting in the way of effective marketing, but this one takes the cake.

We all know that car dealerships, even within the same manufacturer, work independently. We understand that this inefficiency exists, but that doesn't make it excusable.

Today on the radio I heard a spot for the World Ford dealership in Miami. This is what they said:

"Bring us a lower quote from any other Ford and we'll beat it!"

From any other Ford?!?! They're in a price war... against themselves! Now, I know WHY they're doing this (because each dealer is independent and trying to hit their numbers), but it's an internal, structural inefficiency that has created a monster.

Imagine for a moment...

"Bring us a lower quote for a BigMac and we'll sell you this BigMac for less."

It just doesn't make any sense. As a consumer, I shouldn't be subjected to your internal problems. A Ford is a Ford. If I go to one Ford store, a Taurus should be the same price as it is at another Ford store.

Don't let your internal inadequacies spill into the consumer's experience.

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Dan said...

They're running a 2-dealership (separate owners from the names) radio ad in Calgary now for car brand "X" (can't remember the brand) that does something similar.

It starts by saying, "Why would you want to go to north Calgary? What do they have, an *airport*? Phht. Come to X dealer in south Calgary at ..."
[New announcer]
"Are you kidding?! *South* Calgary? All you have are a couple malls! Come to X dealer in north Calgary at ...we're way better."

Ultimately it comes off as playing of a rivalry that doesn't exist in that city. And if they wanted to make one as a marketing strategy, organizing a city along North/South lines over which car dealership was closest seems like a really stupid idea.