Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great golf, lousy marketing

Today I noticed, as I was traveling along the 401, a huge flag at Puslinch Lake Golf Course that read "GREAT GOLF"... and that's it. Now, I knew it was Puslinch Lake because I happened to play there two days ago. But they have raised that flag to advertise their course to all passers by. Great idea because it's a huge audience (more than 500,000 cars per day) and because a good potion of them will be potential golfers.

But what if someone was actually interested in golfing there based on the flag? Only a small handful of the potential audience would know which course that was! No phone number on the flag. No web address. Not even the name of the course! They're saying 'come golf here, but you have to guess where here is'.

What a waste.

We work so hard in marketing to convince people to try our products. You CAN'T make it hard for them to figure out how to get it! In fact, you have the burden of making it EASY.

Have your say: In an earlier post, I gave an example of how easy VISA made it for online shoppers to apply for a card. What are some other examples of companies making it easy to try a product?

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