Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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Doesn't that title stink!?

Yet that's the same sort of generic boredom that SO MANY companies choose for their tag-line. Just yesterday I was driving home from a client visit when I heard a radio commercial for some non-descript company whose tag-line was "Large enough to meet your needs. Small enough to care." At the EXACT same time, the tractor trailer beside me had the tag-line on the back: "Large enough for your needs, small enough to care."

I can't even count the number of companies that use some variation of this tag-line.

Generic stinks when it comes to tag-lines.

If ANY company can insert their company name before your tag-line and still achieve the same result, you need to change it!

Your tag-line should convey some benefit, relate to your product (or at least industry), stir up an emotion, or create a unique market position. Here are examples of great tag-lines from each category (respectively):

"The ultimate driving machine" (why BMW dropped it after 31 years I don't know)

"For all you do, this Bud's for you"

"You're in good hands"

"We're #2. We try harder"

Your tag-line needs to accomplish something. Something unique! Generic, unoriginal tag-lines that anyone can use accomplish nothing. You need to think about your own tag-line and what it accomplishes. It's critical for maintaining your competitiveness.

Just do it.

(Sorry, couldn't resist)

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