Monday, May 24, 2010

First rule of marketing: advertise where your customers shop

I talk a lot about companies that waste money on advertising in markets where only a small portion of the audience is in their target market or worse, to people that aren't in their target market at all.

Here's a previous post about a company that got this HORRIBLY wrong (Lab Safety Supply), very expensively.

Today's post is about a company that got it BANG ON (Pfaff Porsche).

I can hear the decision process perfectly. "Where would our potential car buyers shop? Well, some of them would be on AutoTrader, and they likely did a search for 'Porsche'".

Ah, music to my ears! Much like the sound of their engines.... not like I'd know!


It's a simple question. The answers you come up with form the foundation of your marketing plan.

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