Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CIBC fixes its direct mail program

A short while ago I posted a brief criticism of CIBC for sending me a direct mail package that tried to convince me to sign up for a card I already owned.

Well, just like McNain before it, CIBC has been influenced by the power and reach of my blog (what's the punctuation for sarcasm again?) and has dramatically improved its direct mail program.

As this photo attempts to show, they not only figured out that I already have the card, but they suggested I visit a LOCAL establishment (which is saying something, given that I live in a town of 33,000) to earn extra loyalty points.

So, it appears that their database and direct mail marketing staff has figured out exactly who owns what product, AND has established marketing partnerships in each cardholder's home town.

Now THAT'S direct / 1:1 marketing.

Marketers take note.


  1. If you don't have this level of detail about your clients, get it.
  2. If you do have it / once you do get it, USE IT.

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