Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Effective outside-the-box thinking? Or cheesy marketing tactic?

In my Marketing Fundamentals seminar I have a mantra that gets repeated over and over: "creativity counts".

Marketers need to be thinking creatively about how to stand out from the competition and also how to stand out in the consumer's mind. If you're not saying or doing anything differently then you're just doing the same as everyone else, and blending into the background as a result. Truly creative marketing makes you memorable, which leads to brand awareness, which leads to success!

Here's my favourite example so far of truly creative marketing: Bic billboard.

So I stumbled upon these examples of creative thinking: Instant Win scratch games branded with the Shirlock Holmes movie and the Survivor TV series.

Creative for sure.

It sure helps these brands stand out. For those people standing at the counter buying lottery tickets, they have now been exposed to these shows, which may have an influence later as they consider which movie to see or which show to watch.

So, here's a potential issue: is advertising on scratch-and-win tickets too disconnected from the brand to be effective? Would anyone really expect to see a movie advertised on a game card? And if not, does that make the marketing tactic clever, or ineffective?

What do you think?

Oh, and both tickets were losers, in case you were wondering. Guess I need to keep working!

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