Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Worst flyer EVER?

I wish this wasn't real.

It's sad to me (as a Marketing Consultant) that this would even happen. That something so truly fundamental could be overlooked.

As you flip through this flyer, there is NO WAY TO CONTACT THE COMPANY!

No phone number.

No web address.

No street address.


Nothing on the inside pages. Nothing on the back cover. Nothing.

So as a consumer, if I am at all compelled to respond to this flyer (which I received in the mail), I would have to Google the company name (McNain TV and Communication) and try to find them. Do you think ANYONE would do that? NO!

It would appear that they are assuming we already know how to contact them! What a colossal blunder. I live in their retail footprint, and I have never even heard of them (I Googled them out of sheer morbid curiosity - they have 4 locations in south/central Ontario). And I'm in their target market (I buy too many electronics products).

In some ways I'm sad because it's possible that my profession - the collection of marketing advisors across the globe - has failed them somehow. How could they not have known to include this information?!

Imagine building a car with no ignition.

And it gets worse: a graphic designer likely did the layout for them and didn't notice it or say anything, and someone obviously printed it and didn't notice it or say anything either.

It's just sad all around.

I guess I have more work to do! To spread marketing best practices across the country!

At least now I know where to start.

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