Sunday, November 16, 2008

Make money, not excuses

Dollarama is going to be the unfortunate brunt of my wrath with this post.

Not that I buy much from Dollarama (OK, I do! Busted.), but I was in there yesterday because I needed change: coins for my kids' allowances. Now ordinarily I don't like to ask for change from a retailer without buying something. I just think that's a common courtesy. So I bought a pop for $1 and asked for the $9 change to come in loonies and toonies.

Here's what they told me: "We're low on change - it's the weekend you know."

Are you kidding me?

They (I say 'they' because both the cashier and some sort of supervisor were involved in this exchange) said it in a tone as though I was supposed to know that on the weekend, change would obviously be in short supply and that I shouldn't expect any. Well, here are the problems with that:

1) If you know you're going to go through more coins on the weekend, PREPARE FOR THAT! Get more rolls of coins! It's not hard. You're not out of pocket any more than you would already be. It's just a difference in denomination!

2) Don't, don't, don't talk to your customers in a snippy voice!

I didn't buy the pop. I went somewhere else.

So now, instead of buying a pop and going on with my day, I decided not to buy the pop and proceeded to trash the company in a blog. And I probably won't go there again. Imagine if that was your company.

The point is: think like a customer and prepare as much as you can to meet their needs. It's not hard, and it matters.

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