Thursday, July 10, 2008

Would someone please sell me something!?

Fireworks! Canada Day weekend! You can feel the excitement in the air - people are buzzing, crowds are building... and we all sit there waiting.

There must have been a couple thousand people at the fireworks display in Tobermory this past July 1. The posters on the streetlight posts tell you to arrive at 9:30pm. We all show up at 9:00pm because we want the best seats. And the show doesn't start until 10:15pm. So what happens in the 75 minutes between when we all arrived and when the show begins? NOTHING!

Of all the retailers in town (the fireworks were held in the harbour - the centre of town), not one was open (except the bars), and not one tried to sell me anything.

How hard would it be for the local BeaverTails (to die for!) franchise to send someone around with one of those trays that you can carry around your neck (like the popcorn guy at hockey games) selling ready-made BeaverTails for $5 each? They would have sold 1,000!

How hard would it be for the Fish and Chip Place (yep, that's the name of it, and I think it's a good one for that matter) to stay open an extra 2 hours? They have an outdoor deck that is a prime viewing location for the fireworks. So instead of staying open until 11:00 and selling us all a whole pile of fish and chips and drinks, they scurried everyone OFF the deck so they could close by 9:00. I would have advertised "Watch the fireworks here!" all week long. Would have taken reservations, and filled the place until 11:00 (or even later). Would have been the best night of the summer!

Please, I'm begging you, sell me something! When you're in business, you have to keep thinking: 'how can I sell more today?'

Working IN your business means closing up on time. Working ON your business means staying open two extra hours so you can have your best night of the year.

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