Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Print ads done right - Porsche

When it comes to automobiles, I would consider myself a modest enthusiast. I know enough to know that Porsche makes arguably the finest sports cars in the world.

When it comes to automobile advertising, I would consider myself a very observant analyst. Local dealer ads are usually laughable, and larger manufacturer ads (with the mice type financial disclaimer that no one can read... even when paused... and that appears on your TV screen for about 0.8 seconds) are even worse (sounds like two upcoming blog posts - stay tuned!).

Then there's Porsche.

In marketing, consistency counts. You need to send the same message every time, and send it many times. Each message is only similar to the last if fonts, logos, tag lines, colours, and messages are consistent. Porsche sets the standard in this regard, especially in their print campaign.

It's been running for more than 6 years in its current form. And its form, much like the automobiles it promotes, is flawless (Carmichael Lynch is the agency). Top quality image always in the same location. Always a white background. One short, clever headline. Three lines of copy. Never more. Never less. Same tag line... every time (you know it: Porsche. There is no substitute.). Logo in the same location... every time.

Porsche. There is no substitute... for the perfect ad.

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