Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Everyone matters when it comes to your brand!

It still boggles my mind when I see companies ignore those subtle differences between making a good impression and a bad one. We know that your brand is the collection of impressions that people have about your company, so you need to pay attention!

Case in point: I was at a meeting in a hotel (that shall remain nameless, I suppose. I'm on a bit of a streak of calling out companies for the wrong reasons, so a bit of a reprieve for this GTA hotel) not too long ago. We were holding a small meeting in one of the conference rooms there, and one of the attendees wanted a coffee. We were told that the options were to buy 'coffee service' from catering for $17 (for ONE pot of coffee) or to get one from the restaurant. We chose the latter option, and proceeded to fork out just under $3 for the smallest cup of coffee you've ever seen.

What impression do you think that left on us?!

How much does one cup of coffee cost that hotel? Conversely (and more importantly), how much does it 'cost' them to lose all future conference room bookings (and hotel room bookings for that matter)? And what is the 'cost' of all the bad press we are spreading?

Now imagine our reaction if they had said "We'd be happy to bring coffee to you - how many cups do you need? It's no charge - we're happy you chose our hotel for your meeting."

This is customer service and brand management 101 people!

So here's your job - think of how you are empowering your people to reinforce your DESIRED brand impression. And think of all the possible ways they might be damaging your brand too!

Have your say: Give me some examples of brand damaging or brand reinforcing behaviour you have encountered.

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