Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marketing Excellence - Let the Customer Make the Product!

We all know the importance of offering customization in your product offering. Get leather and a sunroof. Get a laptop with just the memory and features you need. And now, MAKE YOUR OWN SHOE!

Footjoy golf shoes can now be custom made, just for you. Just visit footjoy.com/myjoys and get started. You pick the style, size and colours (including a Hawaiian pattern for the Duffy Waldorf in you). But thats not all. You can add a completely personalized monogram (think "Tiger who?" stitched on your right heel), or even the logo of your favourite MLB or NCAA team! Sure, you can't get the Patriots logo, but had you ever expected to be able to truly build your own shoe, one pair at a time, with your own personal touches? This is taking it to the next level indeed.

This just goes to emphasize the competitive importance of customization (and online proficiency for that matter) in these times. As another example, Apple lets you choose one of 5 colours, but also lets you engrave a personal message on your new Nano (apple.com/ipodnano). There are other examples, usually coming from successful brands (any surprise?).

Time to think about your products. How can they be customized for individual consumers? And how can you make it easy for them to a) find out about it, and b) order it! Run through the truly pleasant process for a pair of MyJoys or a Nano and you'll know what I mean.

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